From Prevention to Emergency Response

At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we view you as an important partner in your pet’s health care. Our goal is to be sure that you are fully educated in all health care services and choices for your pet.


The Bond Between Pets and Humans

Our veterinary professionals believe the bond between pets and owners is vital for pets to live long, healthy, and happy lives. We seek to use personalized service to build these long-term relationships.

Our health care team will:

  • Listen and fully respond to all questions and concerns
  • Thoroughly examine and diagnose any health issues in your pet
  • Educate you regarding every procedure and treatment
  • Work with you to create a personalized course of treatment for your pet’s individual needs

We pride ourselves in providing only the best medical and wellness care for your pet for life. Fairview Veterinary Hospital offers a complete range of wellness and preventative care services, including dental and oral care for dogs and cats. We have access to in-house laboratory services and X-ray and diagnostic imaging to support our top-notch veterinary surgery and internal medicine services.

Our Veterinary Services

Fairview Veterinary Hospital offers a broad range of wellness and preventative care services, including canine and feline oral care. Our in-house laboratory services and X-ray and diagnostic imaging provide top-notch support for our veterinary surgery and internal medicine services.

Oral Care

Complete oral and dental care is vital to the health and well-being of your pet. Improper tooth and gum care can result in severe health consequences. Bacteria from plaque-related teeth and gum issues can spread and cause infections throughout your pet’s body. Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy can add years to their life. Your pet will receive a complete assessment of their teeth and gums to check for any dental issues at every annual wellness examination. Read more here.

Internal Medicine

At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we work hard to maintain your pet’s health and wellness. If your pet gets sick, we will provide the most expert care and compassionate treatment possible. Read more here.

In-House Laboratory

At Fairview Veterinary Hospital we have our own special in-house diagnostic laboratory to provide faster results. We offer a progressive approach, giving your pet the best in testing and diagnostic care for life. Read more here.

Pain Management

Whether the pain is from illness, injury, or recuperating from surgery, our goal is to manage, minimize, or eliminate your pet’s pain. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we will provide the highest quality of care to alleviate your pet’s discomfort. We will also teach you methods and pain relief options to use at home. Read more here.

Specialty Referrals

Fairview Veterinary Hospital provides a full range of top-notch veterinary services for your cat or dog, no matter what their specialized needs may be. There are still, however, times when your pet may require specialized services.

Even when these situations occur, rest assured your pet is safe. We are proud to have a partnership with Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services, a specialty hospital and 24-hour emergency care center. Read more here.

Wellness and Preventative Care

At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we understand that wellness and preventative care are essential to a long and healthy relationship between you and your pet. We are dedicated to making sure your furry friend receives the best health care from us. We are also here to make sure you are educated when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness treatment at home. Read more here.

Veterinary Surgery

Surgery can be scary and stressful for both your pet and you, but it does not have to be. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we provide a wide array of surgical services, be it external or internal. Fairview veterinarians and staff are experienced experts at monitoring surgical procedures and maintaining comfort. These services include everything from advanced surgery to routine spaying and neutering. Read more here.

X-ray and Diagnostic Imaging

Fairview Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer advanced diagnostic screening technologies to help us maintain your pet’s health and wellness for life. From puppies or kittens to the senior years, we provide your pet with the best care. Read more here.

End of Life Care

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating and heartbreaking experiences a person can suffer. At Fairview, we understand how difficult this time is for you, and our trained and sympathetic veterinary staff will do everything we can to ease the burden while helping you make the right choices in your time of sorrow. Read more here.

Online Pharmacy

Visit our online pharmacy here.

Pet Health

Advances in science, technology, nutrition, and preventative care are ensuring that pets live longer than ever before. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we realize that a vital part of this longevity comes from the bond between pet and owner.

We are focused on providing the best in veterinary health care, strengthening that bond and helping pet owners learn the best methods to keep their pets happy for life.

Regular Wellness Exams

It is important to keep your pet on a regular health care examination schedule. Staying current with vaccinations and exams provides an important defense against illness and is the first step in maintaining a long and healthy life for your pet.

Here are some of the services we provide to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy:

Pet Nutrition

The simplest and most effective step towards maintaining your dog or cat’s health is to keep them on a healthy diet. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, our staff can help you create a customized diet for your pet. We also carry a full range of specialty foods to address any special or prescription nutritional needs that your pet may require. Read more here.

Senior Pet Care

The right health care for your elderly pet can add many strong and active years to their life. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we offer health care routines tailored especially for mature cats and dogs and specialized to individual needs. Dogs and cats age up to seven times faster than humans, making it important to keep up with their health care needs. Your pet’s biannual checkup is extremely important, since senior pets face a much higher risk of cancer, diabetes, kidney, or liver problems or other illnesses. Read more here.

Vaccination and Parasite Prevention

The importance of vaccinations in your pet’s health care plan cannot be overstated. Vaccines guard your pet from a broad range of illnesses. 

Your veterinarian will discuss the proper course of vaccinations for your young, adult, or senior pet’s ideal health and wellness. Read more here.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Getting your puppy or kitten started on a regular and tailored check-up routine will get your pet off to a great start in life. It is vital to keep your young pet on a schedule of exams so that you and your veterinarian can stay ahead of any health issues. Read more here.

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