Meet Our Team

We are pleased to introduce you to our Fairview Veterinary Hospital Team!

Our Veterinarians

Loren M. Rodriguez, DVM

Dr. Rodriguez's Bio

Dr. Loren Rodriguez took on the role of Medical Director as of May 2021. Dr. Rodriguez has worked with animals for many years at Fairview and around the world. While at Cornell University, Dr. Rodriguez visited a jaguar sanctuary in Bolivia! She helped spay and neuter these jaguars and treated other exotic jungle animals, including Howler monkeys!

In one of Dr. Rodriguez’s more interesting cases, while performing a routine operation on her German Shepherd, she found a small uterus where she thought a testicle would be. Dr. Rodriguez was shocked to learn that her dog is a hermaphrodite!

Outside of animal care, Dr. Rodriguez has a passion for dance. She used to be a part of a salsa performance group and hopes to perform again someday.

Ashley Palmieri, VMD

Dr. Palmieri's Bio

Dr. Ashley Palmieri was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in North Huntingdon, a suburb just outside of the city. She attended Allegheny College, where she received a Bachelor of Science in biology before going onto The University of Pennsylvania, where she received her Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris in 2019. Before vet school, Dr. Palmieri worked as a tech assistant at an emergency animal hospital.

Dr. Palmieri’s favorite aspect of working at Fairview Veterinary Hospital is being part of such a compassionate, caring team that values high-quality medicine and continued education. Some of her professional goals include building trusting relationships with her clients and their pets, along with continuing to increase her skills in soft tissue surgery. Her most rewarding case in veterinary school was treating a pet Nigerian Dwarf goat after a bad barn fire. In general, the most unique animals she has treated have been a camel and a zebra!

Over the course of two summers, Dr. Palmieri spent two weeks in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, where she provided veterinary care for livestock and pets in the area as part of the service group, Pou Sante: Amar Haiti. She hopes to revisit the area one day as well as travel to different countries. Dr. Palmieri lives with her boyfriend, a three-legged Pit Bull mix named Lorelai, and a Rottweiler named Hobbes. She enjoys crocheting, relaxing while watching TV with her dogs, reading, hiking, spending time outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sarah Castle, DVM

Dr. Castle's Bio

Dr. Sarah Castle returns home to Rochester after earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University. One of the most unusual animals that she treated was a reindeer with an eye problem! She said that it was relatively tame but didn’t like to be handled like most reindeer.

Dr. Castle’s most interesting surgery was a puppy who had come in for limping and neck pain, but the owners didn’t know what was wrong. After Dr. Castle performed some internal imaging, she found a foot-long stick that the pup had swallowed! The dog had routine surgery to remove the stick from its esophagus—it had been there over a week! The puppy recovered fully following surgery.
Even when not at work, Dr. Castle still finds time to spend with animals. On a trip to the Netherlands, she visited a water buffalo farm! She learned about the dairy industry and that water buffalo milk is used to make mozzarella cheese! Dr. Castle would also like to start rowing again. She rowed in high school and college and would like to join the large community of rowers in Rochester.

Meet the rest of our amazing staff!

Jennifer Gargan

Jennifer's Bio

LVT Supervisor

Jennifer grew up in York, NY. She is a full-time LVT supervisor and has been with Monroe Veterinary Associates for the past 17 years. After working 10 years at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services, Jennifer enjoys seeing mostly healthy pets here at Fairview Veterinary Hospital. Still, she uses her emergency skills and experience when necessary.

Jennifer has a Pitt Bull named Riley and a Pitt Bull mix named Saphyra. She also has three cats: two Domestic Shorthair cats named Pheobe and Tuka and a Siamese mix named Oliver. She enjoys spending her free time with her boyfriend, friends, and family. You’ll also find her kayaking, traveling, hiking, going to festivals, and teaching veterinary technology part time at Medaille College.

Mackenzie Meleca

Mackenzie's Bio
Client Experience Supervisor

Mackenzie was born and raised in Webster, NY. She has been working in the animal care industry since 2017 and started at Fairview Veterinary Hospital as a full-time animal care assistant in July 2018. She earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from SUNY Oswego.

Mackenzie enjoys working with animals every day and helping them feel better. She loves all of her coworkers and seeing their beautiful faces every day. She has an Akita named Apollo and a Basset Hound named Sadie, who she loves bringing to the dog park.


Paula's Bio


Paula was born and raised in Auburn, NY. She is a licensed veterinary technician here at Fairview Veterinary Hospital. She has been working in the animal care industry for the past 32 years!

Her favorite part about working here is working with a compassionate, talented team. She has many fur babies at home, and you will find her hiking, kayaking, and biking in her free time.

Taylor Clark

Taylor's Bio


Taylor was born in Plattsburgh, NY and grew up in Fairview, NY. She began working as a full-time kennel attendant in July 2013 and is now a full-time animal care assistant! Taylor is currently attending Medaille College to obtain a degree in veterinary technology. The best part of her job is getting to work with animals every day and seeing Raven and Dr. Rennie!

Taylor has a yellow Labrador named Belle and two cats named Tigs and Mittens. In her free time, you’ll find her binge-watching shows and spending time with friends and family.

Carla Larson

Carla's Bio


Born in Sidney, New York and raised in Bliss, New York, Carla joined Monroe Veterinary Associates in November 2010, but she has been working in the animal-related field since 2007.

She takes the most pleasure in working with pets and clients.
“I have always loved animals. Being able to work in an environment where I am able to enjoy the interactions with clients and their pets is very rewarding,” she said. Carla has a Golden Retriever named KC’s Bailey.

During her free time, Carla spends time with friends and family and doing various activities, such as boating, long walks, gardening, taking vacations to the Adirondacks, sitting by the campfire, and canoeing with friends. She has three grandchildren, two daughters, two son-in-laws, and resides with her significant other, Kevin.

Kim Ross

Kim's Bio


Kim was born in Canandaigua, NY and grew up in Bloomfield, NY. She has been caring for animals for around two years as a full-time animal care assistant.

Her favorite part of the job is that she gets to work with animals all day long. At home, she has Lola (a Pitt Bull/Lab mix), Ally (a Lab mix), and two Domestic Shorthair cats named Dusty and Tarzan. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the woods, and climbing waterfalls with her dogs.

Phil Mruzek

Phil's Bio

Kennel Attendant

Phil was born in Providence, RI and grew up in Fairport, NY. He has been a part-time kennel attendant since December 2016. The best parts of working in his position are taking care of the animals and learning about the veterinary field. He also enjoys meeting the clients and spending the day with his coworkers.

At home, he has one cat named Tip, who is a Domestic Shorthair. He loves hanging out with Tip in his spare time, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends.


Raven's Bio

Office Cat Extraordinaire

Raven is a 14-year-old black Domestic Shorthair kitty. She has enjoyed her entire life here at Fairview. Raven likes to spend her days sunbathing, laying in her bed upfront on the reception desk, or her new favorite spot is the table in room 2. She also enjoys filing the paperwork that is left out in her downtime.

Raven will always make her presence known by giving a big meow (or many meows) until she is given the attention she deserves. She will also make it known when she wants the sink turned on so she can receive water. Raven does enjoy the occasional snuggles and kisses, but it MUST be on her terms, of course! Raven is the face of Fairview and brings a smile to all of the employees’ and clients’ faces every day!

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