X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging

Our advanced diagnostic screening technologies help maintain the health and wellness of your pet.


Fairview X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging Services

Fairview Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer advanced diagnostic screening technologies to help us maintain your pet’s health and wellness for life. From puppies or kittens to the senior years, we provide your pet with the best care.

Our Advanced Diagnostic Screening Technologies


Radiography, or X-ray, is a process that makes use of electromagnetic radiation to photograph your pet’s internal organs and bones. The procedure is very safe; it is used when checking for trauma-based injuries, for dental exams, looking for foreign objects, or evaluating bones for fractures or breaks.

The many advantages to X-ray technology include:

  • Providing clear images of bones and internal organs
  • Offering a wide view range
  • Fast, safe, and easy

There are a few disadvantages to X-rays:

  • Provides only a single snapshot
  • Exposure to very low doses of radiation
Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound makes use sound waves and provides real-time images. The veterinarian can view different organs inside your pet by moving the image with this technique.

Using ultrasound, we can monitor heart function and check for pregnancies. The procedure is noninvasive and requires no chemicals or anesthetic.

The advantages of ultrasound are:

  • No known risks or danger to pregnancy
  • Noninvasive
  • Uses sound waves rather than radiation
  • Real-time monitoring of organ motion and blood flow
  • Excellent for helping to guide biopsy procedures

Ultrasound disadvantages include:

  • Limited depth ability; sound waves can only penetrate so far into the body and cannot go through bone
  • Narrowed viewing area
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